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CBC administrators

Committee and Organisers 2017-18

Roger Salmon
Chairman & County Rep
Responsible for overseeing the running of the club and committee meetings
email Roger  or phone 01223 927061
Carina Negreanu
Vice Chair
Deputises for the Chair and organises the Chesterton venue
email Carina
John Liebeschuetz
General enquiries, membership matters, minutes, liaison with EBU
email John or phone 01223 927062
Michael Bond
Managing CBC finances, table money and outgoings
email Michael
Paul Barden
Tournament Director
Direction of Club tournaments, organising director rotas and appeals committees.  email Paul
Graham Hazel
Club Captain
Informing members of local and national events, selection of teams
email Graham 
Terry Otterman
Monday Club Organiser
Running, scoring and directing the Monday Club sessions
email Terry  or phone 01223 927068
Clive Stops
Chesterton Rep
Organising the Chesterton venue - setup and supplies
email Clive 

Trumpington Rep
Organising the Trumpington venue - setup and supplies

Peter Grice
Peter Grice
County Delegate & BridgeWebs
Represents CBC at County, and organises BridgeWebs & records
email Peter
Colin Sills
Information Officer
Responsible for club information & website
email Colin or phone 01223 927065