posted 15 Mar 2020, 16:09 by John Liebeschuetz   [ updated 15 Mar 2020, 16:13 ]

You will be aware of many cancellations nationally and internationally aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus.Today the EBU issued new advice and it's clear that it sees most bridge events as being too risky to continue with for the time being.

The Cambridge Club Committee has discussed this urgently, and has decided, with regret, that we should stop meeting face to face to play bridge, with immediate effect (15th Mar).

We are looking into the use of bridge resources such as BBO online, to offer our members online competitions.

The Committee will keep you informed of developments during the period of suspension, and we look forward to meeting again in the future, with renewed enjoyment of playing face-to-face.

Jon Cooke is a Camrose Winner

posted 11 Mar 2020, 14:49 by John Liebeschuetz

Jon Cooke, playing with Cameron Small, earned his England spurs in the second weekend of Camrose home international competition. The team won the second weekend and Jon and Cameron were the third pair in the Butler ranking. As an  England team with a different make-up won the first weekend that meant England won the Camrose trophy overall. Congratulations !

Simon Barb and Rod Oakford sweep the board at the East Anglian Bridge Weekend

posted 9 Mar 2020, 12:51 by John Liebeschuetz

It was a Cambridge clean sweep at the EABW last weekend, held near Bury St Edmunds. Simon and Rod won the Swiss Pairs on the Saturday by a healthy margin. Jake Dunn took equal second place playing with Martin Jones. On the Sunday Simon and Rod, playing with Clive Stops and John Liebeschuetz, won the Multiple Teams by a single VP, taking the lead on the very last board. Paul, Catherine, Jamie and Liam came third. You can read more here

David Wright is National Master's Pairs Champion

posted 2 Mar 2020, 11:25 by John Liebeschuetz

Club member David Wright scored a great success last weekend. He won the National Masters section of the Ranked Masters Pairs competition, which was held at Stratford-upon-Avon. Congratulations!

Bernard Teltscher

posted 2 Mar 2020, 11:21 by John Liebeschuetz

The EBU reports that sadly the venerable and highly respected player Bernard Teltscher has died. Bernard learnt to play bridge aged 8 in Austria in 1931.  Our club owes him a significant debt as he was responsible for restarting the Cambridge Bridge Club after the war. More details can be found at

Catherine Jagger wins Lady Milne Trials

posted 28 Jan 2020, 14:54 by John Liebeschuetz

Club member Catherine Jagger, in partnership with Sarah Teshome, has won the trials to play in the
Lady Milne Trophy, the home nation's womens' championship. Very well done Catherine!

Children in Need Pairs raises over £77,000

posted 24 Jan 2020, 09:51 by John Liebeschuetz

Anna Gudge from ECATS tells us that nationally the Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs raised over £77,000 pounds nationally, the best amount yet. She has sent us the attached poster to thank us for holding a heat .

Jake Dunn in Camrose Action

posted 11 Jan 2020, 05:36 by John Liebeschuetz

This weekend is the 1st weekend of the Camrose Trophy, a competition between all the Home Countries. Our own Jake Dunn is in action representing Wales. You can watch progress of all the Camrose matches on BBO Vugraph (

A Bridge Quartet

posted 5 Jan 2020, 07:00 by John Liebeschuetz

At the Monday Club Christmas Party some of our multi-talented members gave a different meaning for "A four for bridge". Allison Kaye explains
"One of our members, Vic Morris, plays in a recorder quartet. They entertained us with Christmas and some popular songs. They also played some really interesting recorders, including the bass wooden recorder in the picture. It was a great morning of bridge and then everyone brought some food to share and we toasted the season with mulled wine."
   Open up the associated jpg to view them in action      

A Happy New Year!

posted 27 Dec 2019, 11:08 by John Liebeschuetz

A Happy New Year to all our Members. If you are short of ideas for your New Year's resolutions then how about..

I must remember to count my tricks after the lead to Trick 1....
I must remember to be polite to my partner no matter what calumny they have perpetrated...
I will not bid Blackwood unless I know what to do after any response from partner ...
I will be unfailingly cheerful towards opponents, even when they've made a slam by dint of three finesses...
Having said my piece and pre-empted, I promise to let partner make the final decision about sacrificing ...
I will promise not to shout "Director" in a voice of thunder every third hand

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